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This study was carried out to determine the impact of nutrition given to women on their knowledge about osteoporosis over 90 woman trainees at the public education center of Qubuk, the governorship of Ankara. Questionnaire forms were used as pre and post tests. Variance analysis, t test, frequencies and percentages of data were computed. A significant difference was found between the groups in terms of knowledge levels of women concerning nutrition and osteoporosis after the training applied. It was also found in the hand book group that the impact of the training was significant. We give simple, sharp non-asymptotic bounds on the mean absolute deviation (MAD) of a Bin(n,p) random variable. Although MAD is known to Nike Free Powerlines behave asymptotically as the standard deviation, the convergence is not uniform over the range of Buy Nike Free Run 3 pp and fails at the endpoints. Our estimates hold for all p∈[0,1]p∈[0,1] and illustrate a simple transition from the “linear” regime near the endpoints to the “square root” regime elsewhere. As an application, we provide asymptotically optimal tail estimates of the total variation distance between the empirical and the true distributions over countable sets.