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The conductimetric titration of aluminium iodide by lithium aluminium hydride, and vice versa, in anhydrous ether solution, furnishes curves superficially similar to those obtained when aluminium chloride is used. It is shown, however, that in the present case the data for the titration of the halide by the hydride are to be accounted for on the basis of the formation of an ionized complex (probably Li+Al2I7−) Nike Free Run 3 Womens between lithium iodide an aluminium iodide. The reverse titration Cheap Nike Free Run 2 parallels the chloride experiments exactly. The conductivity of ethereal lithium iodide alone is very low. We report on the fabrication of nanometric InP wires, patterned with electron beam lithography and etched using CH4/H2/Ar Reactive Ion Etching technique. Atmospheric pressure Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition was used to bury these structures, with and without thermal annealing before overgrowth. During the annealing, due to mass transport, the shape of the structures was modified, the modification depending upon the crystallographic orientation of the wires. The quality of the overgrown layer was improved by the annealing, as far as the shape of the wires was only slightly modified.