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Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes either of the above form or

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K. Culik II and J. Karhumäki (RAIRO Inform. Theor.14 (1980), 349–369] conjectured that the equality set of two injective morphisms over a binary alphabet is of the form {u, v}∗ for some (possibly empty) words u and v. Here we show that such an equality set is always either of the above form or of the form (uwv) for some words u, w, and v. As an application we give a simple proof for the Test Set Conjecture in the binary case; cf. K. Culik II and A. Salomaa [J. Comput. System Sci.20 (1980), 379–396]. In fact, we show that a test set can always be chosen to contain no more than three words. An iterative algorithm to extract the arbitrary unknown phase shift in two-frame phase-shifting interferometry and then reconstruct the complex object wave is proposed. In combination with the least square principle and some calculation formulae we developed, this algorithm allows us to find the value Cheap Nike Free Run Shoes of unknown phase shift by using only two interferograms without additional knowledge or measurement. Computer simulations have shown that this algorithm works well for both the smooth and Nike Free Runs Cheap diffusing objects to a very high accuracy over a wide range of the phase shift from 0.4 to 2.5 rad.