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Free Runs soils are briefly presented as an

Free Runs

The methods and concepts traditionally used by geotechnical engineers for the description and classification of soils, and in particular clayey soils, are here presented. Waste disposal (clays as containment barriers), abuse of the environment (forest decline → erosion) and problems related to construction in third-world countries (tropical soils) are briefly presented as an overlook of the problems ahead. It is shown that an effective solution of these highly relevant problems can only come from a closer cooperation between engineers and clay mineralogists. Economical, ecological and safe driving (eco-driving) is aimed at reducing fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accidents. Eco-driving is concerned about driving Nike Free Running Shoes in a way compatible with modern engine technology: smart, smooth and Free Runs safe techniques that lead to potential fuel savings of 10–15%. The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources of Greece conducted an eco-driving pilot study in collaboration with the Organization of Urban Transportation of Athens, and the Thermo-Bus Company to assess the effects of changing urban bus drivers’ driving style.