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Manual toll tax collection Nike Free 5.0 V3 requires vehicles to stop and pay. This results in long Nike Air Presto delays that nullify the aim of rapid transit of the toll roads. Existing pay as you drive techniques require offline payment and privacy breaching authentication process. In this paper, a VANET based privacy preserving secure pay while on move toll tax payment scheme is presented. The payment process is based on blinded coin in which the coin is obtained from the bank offline. As member of the VANET, a vehicle is a priori authenticated and makes online payment during the period it passes through the plaza. The study investigated the incremental validity of Big Five personality traits for predicting academic criteria (college GPA, course performance) while controlling for academic ability (SAT). Results showed that conscientiousness incrementally predicted each criterion over SAT. Results also showed that behavior (attendance) incrementally predicted GPA and course performance and it mediated the relationship between conscientiousness and both academic criteria. Personality measures are promising predictors of academic outcomes and they may have usefulness in admissions and student development.