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Nike Free Run 2.0 study found that three factors positively

Nike Free Run 2.0

In an experimental investigation Nike Free Run 2.0 of synthetic fibre pull-out at an angle, it was generally observed that the force and energy of fibre pull-out increase with the inclination angle, Nike Free Run 2.0 but such increases are limited by the strength of the cement matrix at high angles due to matrix spalling. Studies were also conducted on the effects of fibre bundling and surface treatment on the pull-out behaviour. It is suggested that for effective use of the reinforcing fibres, fibre bundling should be minimized and the fibre/matrix bond property should be controlled. This study examines how Internet startups' venture capital financing and strategic alliances affect these startups' ability to acquire the resources necessary for growth. Using the initial public offering (IPO) event as an early-stage measure for Internet startups' performance and controlling for the IPO market environment, this study found that three factors positively influenced a startup's time to IPO: the better the reputations of participating venture capital firms and strategic alliance partners were, the more money a startup raised, and the larger was the size of a startup's network of strategic alliances.