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I examine the effect of prudent-man laws on the behavior of institutional investors. Variation in exposure to legal liability across types of investment managers allows me to disentangle the effect of the prudent-man laws from other potential influences on manager behavior. Bank managers significantly tilt the composition of their portfolios toward stocks that are viewed by the courts as prudent, while mutual fund managers choose not. I show that differences in the direction that bank and mutual fund managers choose to tilt may explain their portfolio performance differences over time. On 1 January 1991 the British Geological Survey adopted a computer method for generating K indices from its three geomagnetic observatories. This replaced the traditional handscaling method, resulting in saving of staff time. Other advantages are the ability to distribute K indices to users in real time Nike Free Run Uk Sale and the fact that there will not be any change in bias of the K index caused by a change of handscaler in future. The computer algorithm is described. The results of a comparison between the computed and handscaled K indices are presented, which show the computer method to be compatible with Womens Nike Roshe Run Grey handscaling.